27 August 2011

Down in Camden Town

A candid capture of a man in Camden Town.

Camden is a district of Inner London, and if you've been there, you'll appreciate the complexity of capturing the atmosphere of the place. For an urban environment, it is intensely visual. Large murals, like the wall above, are common.

Camden is an explosion of alternative self-expression, but the paint seems to land everywhere. Viewed from any sort of distance, the place is a mess. If we find beauty, it is in isolation --  standing up-close, and aggressively cropped. And, when standing close, we see down the alleys and between the stalls. It's a place of shady characters and shady deals.

Inside of this city-on-display, I'm more interested in finding what's hidden.

Exposure was 1/125th at F/8. 40mm field of view. Captured with a Canon 5D using available light. CS4 was used for global color operations and response curves. No local edits, no stamping, no compositing.

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